The Best Part of What I Know About Wine I Learned in the Movies

Today I was thrilled to see a post by one of my favorite wine bloggers on Facebook (Sip of Spokane) with a video attached of my favorite scene from one of my favorite movies.   I don’t know how many of you have seen the movie “French Kiss” but if you have not at least watch this clip.  When this movie came out it raised the dream for millions to be come winemakers but for me it validated what I had always thought.  As Sip  pointed out the line “Wine is like people. The wine takes all the influences in life all around it, it absorbs them and it gets its personality." French Kiss (1995)  We are all different and we embrace that just as there is  as much diversity in the wines we love.  They can be the same varietal and yet taste totally different depending on the soil,sun,rain.temperatures and the winemaker. Viva Differences!!

But my love of this clip is the ”Smell box”.  I was introduced to my first one back in the 80’s at a small winery in the Yakima valley.  I was amazed as I smelled and then tasted and did more and more I got it!.   I understood what they meant by spicy or earthy.  It was a break though moment of understand what all this confusing gibberish that I was reading when I was in a tasting room, magazine or even the back of the wine label.   This was the turning point of my love of wine and the beginning of my understanding so much more about what it is and what the people making it are talking about.  After this clip I put together my own “smell box” and had a blast learning about the smells and how that affects taste.  It was fascinating and totally change my view of wine and wine tasting! Please enjoy!


So thank you Sip (you rock girl) and you brought back some wonderful memories! Hey everyone make sure you check out Sip’s website for some more great wine info!

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  1. Sip says:

    Hope, You are my people. This truly is one of the best wine tasting clips. SIP

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